is mascot of the Carnegie Museum of Art. ArtCat helps to create an immersive museum experience for young kids, introducing them to art in a fun and interesting way. Seen only from a lower angle to avoiding and disrupting older guest, ArtCat provides information and guidance along the way of the museum for young children to enjoy. 

Introducing Art cat

art cat.png

Art Cat in Context


The animated Monet cat, accompanying Claude Monet's Water Lilies (Nymphea) , provokes a thoughtful conversation for the young viewer.

" Bonjour, Je suis Claude Monet. I am the founder of the French Impressionist painting. Ah, this painting is one of my favorites. I painted it in my home in Giverny. I wanted this piece to look like a soft dream. What do you think?"

Once I decided to redesign a child's experience at the Carnegie Museum of Art, I looked into how I could expand the ArtCat mascot to play a bigger role than just a fun character. As I began to plan, I observed how the teachers of preschooler to school-age children talked to their students, especially paying attention to the tone and word choice. The script and tone of ArtCat was heavily inspired by the teachers, always maintaining a calm composure and encouraging students to behave in a proper way without explicitly commanding or demanding behavior.